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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds – Classic Window Covers

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Venetian Blinds

Affordable Venetian Blinds | Los Gatos CA

Interested in some flexible, lightweight window blinds that don’t take up a lot of space? Motorized Window Blinds - Los Gatos provides its tailor-made Venetian blinds products in your choice of style, sized and decorated for your windows and yours alone! Get a free consultation visit, estimate included, before ordering. Our company can also provide delivery and installation services for the finished products. Venetian blinds are some of the easiest window treatments to install. So if you need a Los Gatos window covered effectively at an affordable price, consider Venetian-style window treatments as your shading solution.

What Makes Blinds “Venetian?”

Most window blinds are rigid structures, with thick panels set in wood or metal frames. Venetian blinds, on the other hand, are made up of much smaller panels that hang down over the window on a set of strings. You can think of them as a curtain made of thin panels instead of fabric, and you won’t be far off! Venetian blinds are much lighter than the alternative, less bulky, and flexible enough to pull back by hand for a peek outside. A set of Venetian blinds has two control strings (or buttons, if they’re automatic). One to open and close the blinds by pulling them on their strings, and one to rotate the panels in place.

Your Choice Of Venetian Blinds Styles

Most sets of these Venetian blinds open up and down, with the panels flattening up along the top of the pane when raised all the way. This arrangement suits windows with the typical upright shape, but not so much the longer wall-windows and glass doors. Vertical Venetian blinds for windows with more length than height get around this issue, with upright panels hanging down from a pole. Just like the horizontal kind, these vertical blinds can open and shut by string or remote, as well as rotate in place. Speaking of which, if you want to keep a room totally dark, you can choose blackout Venetian blinds. These sets have panels made from lightproof material that can rotate all the way shut when needed.

Venetian Blinds Materials And Methods

Bright white Venetian blinds made of colored vinyl or lined in a light-colored fabric are a nice eye-catcher. If you’re looking for something more subdued and functional, there’s always plain gray panels or even metal ones for that extra protection and durability. Of course, if you want the classic look for your Venetian blinds, wooden sets harken back to their renaissance origins. They’re just as easy on the eye as ever! To get the same aesthetic benefits for less expense, there’s always faux-wooden Venetian blinds made from a variety of substitute materials. With our design and crafting service, you can also choose between classic string-drawn blinds and motorized ones. The convenience of motorized Venetian blinds is a major plus. If you have children, they’re also much safer due to the lack of dangling cords. Ask our Los Gatos automatic Venetian blinds consultants about different options and features!

The Best And Cheapest Venetian Blinds In Los Gatos

Get your perfect set of Venetian window treatments made, delivered, and installed with just one phone call and a free consultation appointment. You can pick the colors you like, the materials you prefer, and the motorization or manual (corded or cordless) control methods you prefer. Let us prove we make the best Venetian blinds makers in the Los Gatos area. Get a free quote on affordably priced blinds for your local business or home.


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