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Roman Shades

Beautiful Roman-style Window Shades

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Roman Shades

Affordable Roman Shades | Los Gatos CA

Roller shades and Venetian blinds are functional, but if you want your window coverings to make an aesthetic statement there are more elegant window covering options. Roman shades have been a favorite of décor-conscious homeowners for hundreds of years, and are becoming popular at businesses as well. If you’re asking “what are Roman shades?” the answer is simple. Roman shades are fabric sheets that fold up into a stack of rippling pleats as you open them. The further open they are, the greater the rippling effect, so they serve as ornate decorations even while fully open. Motorized Window Blinds - Los Gatos custom designs Roman shades to your specifications, and you can have them installed in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and in office areas too!

Roman Shades For Windows And Doors

Roman shades take up some space at the top of the window pane even when all the way open. Because of this, they work best for tall, rectangular openings, like bedroom windows and doorways. Roman shades on French doors make a perfect aristocratic fixture. Put Roman shades on sliding doors or patio entrances, and you’ve made them that much more attractive, not to mention better protected. Roman shades for bathrooms are less common, but if you happen to have a tall bathroom window they can work just as well. With a little creativity and design sense, you can make good use of these shades just about anywhere!

Your Choice Of Colors, Materials, and Embellishments

Los Gatos home and business owners have a wealth of customization options to choose from. If you have a bedroom window that needs Roman shades, you might want some relaxing black or navy blue ones with lace or embroidery. Roman shades for kitchen windows might be lighter and thinner, and more festively colored. For some extra naturalistic appeal, you can choose relaxed Roman shades that hang down in the middle of the window. A pattern of slits or hanging tails along the lower edge of your shades can also add this effect. Choose nylon, cotton, wool, or more exotic fabrics such as velvet. Our interior decoration consultants will help you choose the best colors and patterns for any room.

Extra Sophisticated Roman Shade Options

Roman shades with curtains over them have an almost palatial quality to them, especially with valences as well. If you want Roman shades for bathroom or pool room windows, you can get them in waterproof nylon, or with something to go over them. Many home and business owners dislike cords, especially if there are pets or small children about. You can avoid drawcords by getting Motorized Window Blinds - Los Gatos’s magnetic Roman shades, or even a set of automatic ones. Magnetic shades have pairs of magnets set in the window frame and along the sides of the fabric. You can grab them by hand, and the nearest pair will latch on and hold them in place wherever you leave them. Motorized Roman shades don’t even need you to be near them; just hit a button on the remote, or set a timer so they’ll adjust themselves!

Custom Roman Shades For Los Gatos and Nearby

Motorized Window Blinds - Los Gatos delivers and installs your custom-made shading products. But first, you need to choose and customize the window treatments and covers you want. Go ahead and book a free consultation on Roman shades or any other covering option. We'll send an expert over to give you a free estimate and show you all the different choices of designs, materials, and remote control methods. From blackout Roman shades to sheer coverings, cordless or corded, we've got a huge selection to offer. Book a free at-home estimate to find out more.


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