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Somfy Blinds

Smart Motorized Shading Solutions
Affordable custom-made blinds, shades, and patio covers from Somfy, for any Los Gatos area apartment, workplace, house, or other.

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Somfy Blinds

Somfy Blinds In Los Gatos

Motorized blinds and shades for your windows make life more convenient and do more reliable work protecting your home environment than old-fashioned ones. Patio shades and awnings make your outdoor property much more comfortable in any weather, and keep your patio furniture intact. If you want even more reliability and convenience, have a look at these smart blinds and coverings from Somfy. Fully automated, you can program these blinds to move at certain times of day, in response to weather changes, and more. You can also take direct control of them from your smartphone at any time, regardless of the distance. Get a free estimate for new motorized Somfy blinds for your Los Gatos area business property or residence.

Somfy Motorized Blinds & Shades

Choose any style of window covering you want, and we’ll provide some Somfy automatic models to match it! If you’re looking to shade an office or other workspace in Los Gatos, maybe some professional-looking Venetian blinds would be appropriate. For a home or hospitality space, get some automatic Roman shades or draperies. Choose a solar fabric for some soft, filtered light, blackout material for total sunlight protection, or anything in between! We also custom-design Somfy blinds and shades for skylights, glass doors, and other unconventional window spaces.

Rolling Shutters For Wall Windows

Got a really big wall window or glass storefront that needs covering? If curtains aren’t enough for your security and sunlight protection needs, try Somfy’s motorized roll-up shutters. These completely obscuring shutters roll up into a very compact space when raised, and can cover an entire building wall. Like all of our products, we tailor each set of shutters for their new Los Gatos owners and offer all the same motorization options for them as the smaller blinds.

Motorized Somfy Outdoor Covers & Shades

Create a livable, sheltered space outdoors with Somfy’s motorized outdoor shading solutions! Awnings, patio shades, and pergola canopies let you enjoy your outdoor property without fear of sunburn, glare, or rain. They also protect any patio or lawn furniture you might want to set out from bleaching or water damage. Just like the skylights and shutters, our Los Gatos outdoor covers are made to order and fully automated.

Custom-Made Somfy Motorized Blinds – Los Gatos Area Installers

Book your free estimate and we’ll send our experts over to give you a totally free consultation visit. No obligations attached! We’ll help you match your home aesthetics, advise you on the most fitting and durable style for your property, and provide estimates upfront. Motorized smart Somfy blinds offer Los Gatos residences and workplaces fantastic additions and high-tech features. Find out more about the variety of custom made options by scheduling your no-free appointment!


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